Newsletter October

Dear everybody

The season and thus our garden days draw to a close as it gets colder and the dark days are getting longer. Many of those who attended the common garden day 27th of September, got their gardens ready for the winter. What can not survive the winter has been thrown on the compost, and the winter crops are ready for the snow. So if you haven’t been at it yet, it’s time to get started before the frost sets in 🙂

Activity day September
Although we were not so many on the activity day it was a good and fun day with sun, diligent hands, open fire and food for all. We fixed many and important tasks. We fitted the greenhouse with gutters and the garden furniture was put inside for the winter. In addition, we made new robust tool hitches in the container so the tools stay in place. Finally we moved all the manure to the compost areas.

Newsletter_OctoberThe compost
On the activity day, we also turned over the compost, and the great news is … Tadaaa … the composting works! There are lots of worms, toads and insects, which are enjoying themselves and makes the compost into the finest topsoil. But for it to work even better, it is important that we remember to knock the ground of the plants before they are thrown on the compost. The grassroots must also be dried completely first. Therefore, the rotation system. If in doubt, ask some of your other garden friends when you are in the garden. At some point we are all going to get the hang of it 🙂

Outdoor kitchen
We are so lucky to have received funds to develop and build a mobile outdoor kitchen. It’s going to be done in cooperation with Økokalaset, who are specialists in making food events with focus on fellowship and good foods. We are looking forward to build the kitchen and start using it. The kitchen will be ready during the winter and come into use on the first garden day in the new year. Contact chairman Erik Rosenberg, if you want to know more. And would you like to help build the kitchen, you are very welcome too.

Winter in the garden
On Sunday the 22’nd of November there will be a special garden day for potential members from the social housing areas in our neighborhood. This is particularly to strengthen our ability to work for more integration in our neighborhood. Many people have expressed that they wanted to work more with integration, and now the opportunity is here – so join in. Among other things, there is a need for people who want to show their gardens, talk about why they are happy to have their garden and others to do activities for children and more. The event primarily focuses on creating more awareness of the gardens, and hopefully that more people will want to have a garden. Send us an email at if you want to help.

See you in the gardens and have a bon hiver

Many greetings
The Board, Lersøgrøftens Integrationsbyhaver