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General Assembly – invite

We hereby announce the date of the Annual General Assembly for Lersøgrøftens Integrationsbyhaver.

Meeting will be held:
Saturday, March 12, 2015, at. 13:00-16:00
KBH+, Ragnhildsgade 1, 2100 København Ø

The association needs your support and new hands for the board and committees. Your participation in the General Assembly is very important. This will be an important day for our beautiful garden association’s future.


  1. Election of chairman, secretary and tellers
  2. Annual Report
  3. Accounting
    1. Presentation of financial statements
    2. Evt. The auditor’s review
    3. Approval of unified accounting
  4. Consideration of proposals
    1. Administration and membership system
      1. We need a more efficient way of administrating payments and membership by using a paid solution. Cost will be expected max. 5000kr per year.
    2. Activity Days (dates and guidelines)
      1. Dates of activities presented and is reviewed.
      2. Guidelines for activity days specified. The vote on checklist of participation in the activity days.
      3. Decision on consequences for non-participation in activity days and the size of the penalty under the charter.
    3. Amendments of the charter
      1. Our charter requires a rewrite. This means that there will be several formulations and regulations to be amended. Proposed amendments will be presented at the general assembly and put to a vote.
    4. Contract and guidelines for gardens
      1. Contracts do not address our uniqueness and a new version of the contract will be preposed. Proposals will be presented, discussed and coordinated.
    5. Water
      1. We spent about 25.000kr on water. Shall we go on with this? Is there another solution? Debate and decision.
    6. Work Groups:
      1. Integration, collaboration and communication
      2. Water
      3. Greenhouse
      4. Compost and soil
      5. Building Group
  5. Approval of the budget
    1. Presentation of budget
    2. Determination of Entry fees, membership fees and waiting list fee
    3. Approval of the total budget
  6. Elections:
    1. Election of board members
      1. Erik and David is not up for elections
      2. election of 3 boardmembers
    2. Selection of alternate (s) to the Board
      1. Stephané and Signe will run
    3. Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  7. Eventuelt

We look forward to seeing you!
The greenest of greetings

Your Board

Save the date – General Assembly 2016

We hereby announce the date of the Annual General Assembly for Lersøgrøftens Integrationsbyhaver.

Meeting will be held Saturday, March 12, 2015, at. 13:00-16:00
Place to be announced.

The association needs your support and new hands for theBoard and committees. Your participation in the General Assembly is very important. Save the date. This will be an important day for our beautiful garden association’s future.

Proposal to the Annual General Meeting must be sent to by Friday 01 February 2016. If you can not make the deadline – send us an email and we will see what we can do.

The final agenda of the General Assembly Friday, 27 February 2016. The place of the meeting will be announced at the same time.


We look forward to seeing you!
The greenest of greetings

Your Board


Vores vedtægter om ordinær generalforsamling:

§ 5. Foreningens øverste myndighed er generalforsamlingen.

§ 5.1. Den ordinære generalforsamling afholdes hvert år den anden uge i marts måned. Bestyrelsen skal bekendtgøre tidspunkt og dato for generalforsamlingens afholdelse til medlemmerne senest den tredje mandag i januar måned. Dagordenen skal mindst indeholde følgende punkter:

1. Valg af dirigent, referent og stemmetællere
2. Beretning
3. Årsregnskab med evt. revisionsberetning
4. Indkommende forslag
5. Godkendelse af budget – herunder fastsættelse af indmeldelsesgebyr, kontingent
og ventelistegebyr
6. Valg af formand/kasserer
7. Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer og suppleanter
8. Valg af revisor og suppleant

§ 5.3. Ordinær generalforsamling indkaldes via e-mail af bestyrelsen med mindst 14 dages varsel, Ekstraordinær generalforsamling indkaldes med 8 dages varsel.

§ 5.4. Forslag der ønskes behandlet på generalforsamlingen, skal være formanden i hænde senest 1. februar. Indkomne forslag skal bekendtgøres til medlemmerne sammen med indkaldelsen til generalforsamlingen.

§ 5.5. Adgang til generalforsamlingen har ethvert medlem samt dennes ægtefælle eller samlever.

§ 5.6. Ethvert medlem, der har betalt kontingent før generalforsamlingen har 1 stemme, og alle beslutninger træffes ved simpelt flertal af de fremmødte.

§ 5.7. Der kan stemmes ved skriftlig fuldmagt. Hvert stemmeberettiget medlem, der deltager i en generalforsamling, kan dog højst medbringe én skriftlig fuldmagt.

§ 5.8. Referat fra generalforsamlinger underskrives af dirigenten, referenten samt foreningens formand. Referatet udsendes pr. mail til medlemmerne senest en måned efter generalforsamlingen.

Newsletter October

Dear everybody

The season and thus our garden days draw to a close as it gets colder and the dark days are getting longer. Many of those who attended the common garden day 27th of September, got their gardens ready for the winter. What can not survive the winter has been thrown on the compost, and the winter crops are ready for the snow. So if you haven’t been at it yet, it’s time to get started before the frost sets in 🙂 Continue reading Newsletter October

Newsletter September 2015

Dear Everybody

The fall is here with rain and wind after a sunny August. The late summer sun has given the last crops a much-needed shot of energy, and even the tomatoes are ripening. The sun also shone on our last working day, where the BBQ grilled both vegetables and hot dogs for the industrious gardeners.

Hopefully autumn also has a few sunny days up the sleeve, so we can close down the gardens in style this year. We will do this together at the last joint working day on Sunday September 27th. More on that below.

Grill_Hygge_15_sepA few photos from the joint working day in August: BBQ, fun and gardening.

Next joint work day: Closing down the gardens and cosy campfire
The season’s last working day will take place on Sunday September 27th at 12 O’clock. On this day we close down the gardens together and make them ready for winter. To round off the working day and the season we will light up the grill, make “snobrød” over the campfire and enjoy grilled vegetables we find in the garden. So bring what you can from your own garden. We need many hands to fix the last chores and therefore we are hoping for a large turn up for the workday. See more and register for the event on Facebook here: Activity day 27th of september

Farewell to Anni
Anni Knobelow passed away on August 15th after struggling against cancer for a long time. Our garden is fertile ground for new friendships. And Anni was one of the persons everybody knew. In her tireless dedication to the gardens, she both took care of the waiting list, kept track of the economy and made sure that the transition from the former board to the now-being has been able to succeed.

Annis_bukketThe funeral was held in Brorsons Church.The Board brought a casket spray made of flowers from the garden for the funeral. The family appreciated the presence of the association. Anni was laid to rest at Assistant Cemetery. She will be missed.

New forces on the board – and more are welcome
There has been some changes in the Board after Anni is no longer part of it. In addition, Steffen, after a long effort, has chosen to resign. It has meant that we have set a new team. Erik is still chairman of the board, and Signe (who was a substitute) is the new treasurer. Olga, David and Stephane (former substitute) represent the rest of the board. That means we have a full team. In addition, Peter Andersen has taken responsibility of the newsletter, and we look forward to getting more focus on just that.

New website
We are developing a new website. The new site will make it easier and better for both members and curious souls to find information about the gardens, waiting lists, advice and tips on gardening, forums for working groups etc. The site is still under construction, but the most simple features are up and running. We are working to get it completely done during autumn, but we need help to translate the website into English – and eventually other languages ​​such as Spanish and Arabic. If you want to help with the translation you can find translation tasks here:

We look forward to seeing you all at the gardens on September 27th at 12 noon for the last joint working day and around the campfire.

Many greetings
The Board, Lersøgrøftens Integrationsbyhaver